Friday, July 5, 2019


This information was received by Jeff Woods:
As of a few hours ago, the North American admins of the Brandmeister network have taken the ability away from users to make TAC 310,311,312 a static talk group on a repeater or hotspot. Hotspots that have one of these talk groups set as static will have it manually removed at some point in the next few days.

The TAC talk groups were never meant to be a “calling” talk group. That is, they were designed to be used to offload a QSO from a higher profile talk group. Due to the amount of traffic being initiated on these TAC talk groups, they have degraded to a level of being unfunctional. Some repeater owners have even blocked their use on their networks or repeaters. This is counter to what their original designation was.

For hotspot users, remember the Parrot talk group is your friend. As you make adjustments to your device settings, tune there so you are not keying up many repeaters for a simple audio check on a high profile talk group. You should get a pretty good idea how your audio is sounding, or that you are able to key up a talk group with a minimal BER (bit error rate).

My guess is over time most North American activity will be pushed back to talk group 3100.

DMR is still evolving as a mode for our hobby. There are many repeater owners, network admins, Cbridge owners, and others that volunteer their time and money to ensure a pleasant user experience for us all. This change is simply an evolution to ensuring this goal happens for everyone.

At this time, I am going to suspend the nets until I research this further.  I can not access TAC 310 without using Brandmeister at this time.


  1. This Does not make any seance. Why do we have talk groups like this if we are not allowed to use them. Its like putting up a armature repeater and not letting anyone use it. All you are going to do is make people leave the hobby because they are not allowed to used the systems that are out there. This is ridicules.

  2. It's was like as war zone before it got off