Monday, July 8, 2019

The Future Of TAC 310 Net

On Friday June 5 2019, I noticed a posting in the Facebook group with the message “looks like it happened”. This was first indication that something had changed although the news was now a week old. I looked through the various postings and realized that Brandmeister had shut off the ability of users to make TAC 310 static. While the Facebook group is based on the net, and not the talkgroup, I made a decision to suspend all nets on the talkgroup. I did this because if we had that many kerchunks when had the capability of static, what would the net be with EVERTYONE chunking? I continued to follow the conversations on TAC 310, Brandmeister DMR Master, and Brandmeister USA. As I did, I saw the firestorm of comments both good and bad regarding this action. As of 1200 ET Saturday June 6 2019 Brandmeister pulled the plug on TAC 310. The talkgroup has been temporarily disabled with no date of when it is going to be connected again to DCI. Again while the Facebook group does not deal with the 310, this action does affect my continued ability of running of the net. In my area, I can use my hotspot, or the local repeater on Brandmeister. The other local repeater is on the NEDECN system, which long ago also removed all access to TAC 310 for the numerous complaints their users had filed. There is no DCI access in my area. So the question that is on everyone’s mind is what is the future for the TAC 310 net? While Brandmeister may restore access, I have come to the decision that my online duties for the TAC 310 Net will have to fall to someone else who is interested, and still has access to TAC 310. I enjoyed running the nets for the last year, and thank everyone who stopped in week after week to check in. Does this mean no more nets? On TAC 310 yes, but I have secured permission to move my net to TG 31001, known as Net 1 on Brandmeister. I know that C Bridges can connect to it, and maybe some of those bridges will in the future. We will still use the online page but I will have to contact Jesse about updating the information. We will use the Facebook group I created last year when we ran the experiment. If you haven’t already followed the group invite on TAC 310 group, I suggest you follow it to become a member of the new group. I know that some are die hard TAC 310 fans and won’t follow. I would hope you would but that is a decision you all have to make for yourself. The TAC 310 Facebook will remain in case you do have someone who wants to continue trying to do the net on that talkgroup. This website will also reflect the new talkgroup, if it is easy to change. For now, it will remain as until I am able to change it to the new one. Any questions you may have you can reply here, or on the new Facebook group.

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